“I don’t know this circuit very well”
“That’s alright, just follow everybody else like you usually do”.

Alex Bell knows exactly when to hand the car over to his second driver

There’s no mistaking a Bentley Belle

Enfield Electric

Gregor and Sholto with a poor choice in hats on the Flying Scotsman. Its in the rules, you have to wear them.

It would seem that way

Identified by my daughter as “Ant and Dec”
Apologies to Pat and Fred snapped as they are awarded the Woodcote Trophy again

Silverstone 2017 and Motor Racing Legend Peter Bradfield leads the field, well two cars

patrick and fred 2

Fred Wakeman and Patrick Blakeney-Edwards winning another award

Cropping by Steve Stanton, on left. That’s got to sting a bit.

This is Robert Glover, he is not well and has gone to hospital. He has been allocated a seat by mental age

Mrs Bradfield is hat blind. Some people say her eyesight in general must be very poor.

Hard to believe but someone let me race that. It was a long time ago

Mrs Bradfield and Katarina Kyvalova at Silverstone. Are they hiding a dent or making one?

We like the Tudor Submariner

2016 London-Brighton, Wellington Arch, Hyde Park Corner.
1904 Oldsmobile with Sholto Gilbertson at the tiller and his lovely Karen being sandwiched by the less lovely Bradfield.

Fisken’s henchmen Fellows and Henderson

Goodwood: Mission Motorsport
Two teas please

Lousy parking, Octane concours promo shoot

We like the Ford Mustang

Spa 6 Hours
Hands tightly cable tied behind my back

Ted 7 in a ‘selfie’ off in Spa Pitlane

Spa 6 Hours
I like this a lot but where do you put your house keys

Spa 6 Hours
Martin Hunt hears Bradfield’s lap times

Spa 6 Hours, more excitement than F1
These guys look like they know what the’re doing but then looks can be deceptive.

Bonnie Bradfield at Salon Privee July
If you pedal hard enough you’ll be faster than your Dad

DBR2 at Goodwood. One of the best cars in the world with non-matching driver

It’s May, it’s Mille Miglia and we might be lost or last or both

and if I catch either of you joyriding Granny’s Lagonda again there’s going to be big trouble

I think you’re sitting on my hand

Is that Willie O’Gonnagal ?

There may be a theme developing here

Silverstone Classic 2015
Pat Blakeney trusted me with his trusty chain gang, overtook 1 ark and two ducks

You wait all day and then two come along at once

“The Fridge”
Loved that domestic appliance

Clearly serious business

Missing you already

“The Fridge”
Better than the spin cycle?

Rare ‘no hat’ photo discovered in archive