This is an original “TT” short chassis (TT 259) with 4.5 litre engine, nickel radiator and bulkhead. The fabric body was made by Arley Coachbuilders and fitted with the long bonnet that has all the little doors and openings, it was trimmed by Alan Geater, and has a C Type gearbox, high ratio back axle, fifty gallon tank, fish tail exhaust, ‘soup plate’ rev counter, aero screens, straps, stone-guards, double Hartford friction shocks, chassis braces, under-tray, twin klaxon horns, Lucas P 100 ‘Bulls-eys’ etc, etc. I am pretty sure the kitchen sink is in there too, just haven’t found it yet.

It was inspected by Hay in 2002 at the premises of Hall & Bradfield Ltd who declared that “the car has been very well done indeed”.